Wed, Dec 2

Esker Expectations: Touchless vs. Touch Less


12 PM PT



1 hour

About the hosts

In my role as an Esker Customer Experience Advocate, I focus on exploring issues, finding solutions, and optimizing customer's use of their solution. The best part of my job is working collaboratively with customers and being a source of support.

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Yes. Anyone who wishes to attend this webinar can do so absolutely free of charge.

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Consult-a-Pro Webinar

Setting Goals for Your Esker Solutions

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You've got to set realistic and achievable expectations to reach any goal. And when it comes to setting goals for digitally transforming your AP and order management processes, knowing what level of automation is possible is critical for a successful automation project.

In this live Consult-a-Pro webinar, Esker Customer Experience Advocate Amy Thoftne and Customer Experience Ambassador Lauren Varelmann will discuss setting automation goals for your Esker solution. Attendees will learn from real-life customer examples and delve into topics including:

Why should I attend?

Esker's embedded technologies, how they work & the differences between them

Key areas to focus on to maximize automation results with your solution

Common automation barriers experienced by Esker users & why they occur

Amy Thoftne

Esker, Inc.

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What if I register but can’t make it?

No worries. Since a recording will be emailed to all attendees after the presentation concludes, we encourage people to register even if they can’t attend live. 

Of course! There will be a Q&A session featured at the end of the webinar, but attendees are welcome to submit questions at any time during the presentation.

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Will it be recorded?

Yes. Not only will this webinar be recorded for your convenience, the presentation will also be emailed to attendees once it is finished.


December 2, 2020  |  2 p.m. CT

Esker solutions are designed to eliminate tedious, manual tasks to enhance efficiency, but knowing when touchless vs. touch less processing is possible aids in setting goals.

Lauren Varelmann

Esker, Inc.

As a Customer Ambassador at Esker, I help people better understand their solution and empower them to achieve all of their process improvement goals. Customers can always count on me as a reliable resource for any questions or concerns.